Welcome to “Asobimotto”, a digital magazine presented by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

“Asobi” in Japanese means to play, to have fun, to enjoy something, which in-turn also means entertainment and amusement.

“Motto” means more.

The more you know about the possibilities for “Asobi” , the more (“motto”) opportunities you’ll have to enjoy it.

Staying true to our philosophy of delivering “More Fun For Everyone”, we strive to create “Asobi” all over the world.

Our goal is to increase “Asobi” in your day-to day life.

We want you to discover more ways to enjoy “Asobi”.

That’s why we’ve launched Asobimotto.

Asobimotto not only provides unique insights about our products/services, but also an insider’s look at our employees, company events, corporate culture and vision.

We aim to provide you with an opportunity to enrich your everyday life by experiencing our vision of “Asobi”.

Welcome to this journey; we look forward to sharing “Asobimotto” with you!

From the Asobimotto team at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

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